Judi Harvest

Honey Garden Picnic

The Venice Glass Week, September 7-15, 2019

This year's picnic was
Saturday September 14

The event included a guided visit through the working glass factory by Maestro Giorgio Giuman, a Honeybee talk with Judi Harvest and Luca Polo, Beekeepers and live music by The Ceilidh Band

Signed and numbered limited edition Murano Honey are available for purchase, which helps maintain the Honeybees and Garden.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/honeygardenmurano/

Directions for visiting the HONEY GARDEN in Murano:
Linea Arianna, Sacca Serenella 14, Murano, Venezia
Tel: 041-736619
Vaporetto to Serenella:
From San Marco – LINE 4.1
From P.le Roma/Ferrovia - LINE 4.2 or LINE 3
From Fond.te Nove – LINE 4.1 or LINE 4.2 

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Murano Honey Garden earthworks installation, on the grounds of the Linea Arianna glass factory on the island of Sacca Serenella in Murano, Venetzia, Italia.

Judi Harvest: "March 21, 2013, I began the Honey Garden on the grounds of the Linea Arianna glass factory in Sacca Serenella as the permanent part of my site specific installation, “Denatured: Honeybees + Murano.” Six boatloads of soil, 100 carpets of sod, 500 flowering plants, 30 fruit trees, a crane and a 100 year old pomegranate tree later, we installed 4 honeybee families in brightly colored hives. By August, 2013 the garden produced over 60 nectarines and 60 kilos of honey, pomegranates and picnics."


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